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The happy mask: Carnegie Mellon must address stress culture

Why is the administration silent about the overwhelming stress that its students face? Why the refusal to acknowledge the problem?

’Tis the season for a persecution complex

It baffles me to no end how anyone could view the greeting "Happy Holidays" — an attempt to be inclusive — as an attack

Hunt Library’s efforts to raise awareness are sweet

Hunt library offered cupcakes to students to raise awareness about their resources and, boy, were they sweet!

Don’t panic too much over impending finals

Don't worry, just study!

Three changes could fix fiscal cliff

Republicans and Democrats alike agree that we should avoid driving off the fiscal cliff so these negative effects are avoided, but disagree strongly on how to do it.

Dining areas should visibly promote green practices

Dining areas are doing much to promote green practices, but their strategies for promotion could be improved.

In the age of smartphones, privacy reform for tech is necessary

Data from cell phones must be protected in legal situations.

Parties must solve financial crisis before it’s too late

Democrats and Republicans must find a solution to the looming fiscal cliff.

Student government execs outline accomplishments of semester

Student government highlights key moments of the semester.

Person's Opinion

As fun as the season is, some people don’t enjoy the holidays. So we asked,
What holiday would you get rid of?

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