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Researchers improve transportation safety

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania and the Department of Transportation (DOT), are taking large strides to increase transportation safety.

CMU physicists on the frontier of quantum computing

A group of physicists at Carnegie Mellon are on the forefront of quantum computing. The group’s research focuses on the foundations of quantum theory, as well as its applications.

ExpressionBlast streamlines research for gene expression

ExpressionBlast helps scientists compare gene expression data with millions of other studies in order to find experiments with similar profiles.

Nobel committee announces winners

The Swedish Nobel committee announced the winners for the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, physics, and chemistry.

SciTech Briefs

SciTech Briefs covers extraterrestrial diamond rain, a new virus-killing process in mammals, the bacteria behind Legionnaire's disease, and deadly amoebas found in the deep south.

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