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Wearable devices raise privacy issues

Many privacy issues spring out of the widespread use of wearable technology.

Marriage equality in N.J. deserves attention

Past same-sex legalizations have warranted parties and parades, not to mention a storm of coverage by the media. Why is the Garden State any different?

Apple’s new method: Revolution by evolution

Although Apple has not recently revolutionized any new product category, it has taken part in a different method of change — revolution through evolution.

Healthcare site needed delayed launch

The Federal government should have allotted extra time and put forth more effort to work out issues with the new healthcare website, even if it meant delaying the website’s launch.

High school students must be taught basic finances

It is critical that American high school students receive instruction on basic personal finances.

Students should not sacrifice sleep for their grades

Startling as it may seem, recent research has proven that sleep is good for you.

Spectacles like Rubber Duck reinvigorate city energy

The Rubber Duck Project was exactly what the city needed: a unifying object for people to rally around.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is figuring out it’s last-minute costumes. So we asked, "What is the best Halloween costume you have ever seen?"

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