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Rethink technology in classrooms

Technology may distract students from learning, but new devices should be integrated into the classroom to better facilitate an easily distracted generation.

New CEO can make Blackberry bold again

Blackberry must refind its niche in the business market if it hopes to survive.

To save the environment, save the giant pandas

We need to protect pandas because we have to protect what we as humans have left.

Obamacare will be easily broken

I will break Obamacare. I won’t do this because I’m cruel or cynical. That’s just what’s honestly in my best interest.

Cuts in Farm Bill should not target the poor

Cuts in the United States Farm Bill should not be made at the expense of our nation’s poorest.

Rhetoric of abortions shroud legal battles

While the conversation surrounding chemical abortions is important, legal battles involving these drugs often get bogged down in political rhetoric that has little to do with medical fact.

CMU initiatives must include grad students

While the inclusion of graduate students in the Healthy U survey is a step in the right direction, the administration and campus organizations should push for greater recognition of graduate students.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is excited to have prospective students on campus this week. So we asked, "What are your first impressions of Carnegie Mellon?"

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