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No need for marijuana to remain illegal in Pa.

It's time to legalize the use of marijuana.

East Liberty renovations do not account for residents

New renovations threaten East Liberty residents, many of whom live below the poverty level.

Give off-campus housing a chance

Off-campus housing is the way to go.

Suggestive photos could haunt you

As a popular app promotes sexting, it is apparent that greater education is needed.

JFC must give students more time to join The Bridge

The Joint Funding Committee should have given students more time to join organizations on The Bridge.

Veteran’s hardship shows need for benefits reform

The killer of Osama Bin Laden speaks out. His story highlights changes that need to be made.

Harvard scandal reveals need for increased clarity

While students should be held to account, professors should clearly define what constitutes as cheating.

A Person's Opinion

The Oscars are almost here. So we asked, "What is your favorite guilty pleasure movie?"

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