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Lunar Gala 2013: VENIN bares its fangs

The annual fashion show features student designers, models, and performers.

Page presents his final performance

Conductor Robert Page presents his last concert with the Carnegie Mellon choirs.

12 Angry Men examines human nature

Scotch’n’Soda presents the classic drama with a more diverse cast.

Allstar Weekend shakes it up

Wednesday’s fun, energetic concert excites teens with the band’s high-energy sound.

Bientôt l’été is charming, simple, and sweet

You are flying through a field of stars. You hit a key on the keyboard, confused. A string of words appears before you: “This is not a game to be won....

Alumnae return to campus

Three alumnae from the Carnegie Mellon English department present their work.

Conservatory goes green

The opening of the Center for Sustainable Landscapes is a new stride in green buildings.

Advice for awkward people

Everything you need to know about Steam for Linux and choosing a guy.


Paperhouse talks about the new Black Marble album, A Different Arrangement.

Dollar movie

AB Films presents three movies this week, including The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Did you know?

Did you know that the Margaret Morrison Nursery is also used for psychology research?


See what’s going on in Pittsburgh and on campus this week.

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