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Spring Awakening features talented cast

The School of Drama packs a punch with vibrant group performances.

MOSAIC talks gender awareness

The annual conference takes over campus to educate students about gender.

Four Saints in Three Acts

Drama students present an artistic rendition of Gertrude Stein’s 20th-century opera.

Oh Snap! opens at Carnegie Museum of Art

The new interactive photography exhibit opens at the Carnegie Museum of Art.

First-person puzzle game challenges and thrills

Alexander Bruce’s video game is filled with challenging puzzles.

Student compositions shine in concert

The Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic performs original works by four student composers.

Hyde reimagines commons

The Kenyon professor lectures on “The Cultural Commons and the Collective Being.”

Sony introduces underwhelming PS4

Sony holds a press event to announce their newest PlayStation console.

Advice for awkward people

Everything you need to know about becoming a trophy wife and job replacements.

Dollar movie

AB Films presents a weekend filled with Bond. James Bond.

Did you know?

Did you know that Bill Gates spoke at Carnegie Mellon five years ago?


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