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Comment wars don't start change

CMU Confessions is a place where students anonymously post problems, concerns, or compliments. Is it worth voicing your opinion through the Facebook page?

Transfer payments are legal form of robbery

Entitlement spending robs resources from country's youth.

Time to end the Twinkie

It's time to let the Twinkie limp into it's final sunset to rest in peace.

Student Government addresses recent Town Hall on stress culture

Our stress culture is getting out of control. It's time we do something about it.

Past student talks stress

After more than 35 years, Carnegie Mellon's stressful demands have yet to change.

Town Hall a good first step for university discussion

Town Hall addressed the stress culture brought to the university's attention by Katie Chironis.

Let Carnegie Mellon’s mythical mascots be known

Knowing school mascots can raise school spirit.

Music streaming services need to focus on artists, consumers

Free music is great — for the listener. But what about the artist?

A Person's Opinion

The Super Bowl was yesterday. Find out what everyone did for it.

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