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Raising minimum wage will not assist citizens

Kyle Henson responds to Matt Mastricova's belief that the minimum wage should be raised.

Sexism toward actresses is wrong

Sexism should not stop celebrities from enjoying their successes.

Rap videos no basis for abuse case

Rap videos starring a 9-year-old rapper are not reason enough for a child abuse investigation.

Pitt should be sweating over student concerns

Students at the University of Pittsburgh deserve a proper response from the university regarding their request for Pitt to affiliate with the Worker Rights Consortium.

Frequent Blackboard outages demand conscious use

Students and staff must be conscious about how they use Blackboard while the website encounters issues.

University must not punish sexual assault victims

Sexual assault on college campuses needs to be addressed more effectively than it is addressed now.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is ready to relax. So we asked "What are your plans for Spring Break?"

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