Pittsburgh mayor will not seek reelection

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl announced on Friday that he will not be seeking reelection.

This is a significant announcement by one of the nation's youngest mayors, who assumed his position after the death of former Pittsburgh Mayor Bob O'Connor. Ravenstahl has served as the mayor of Pittsburgh since 2006 and will remain in office for the next 10 months.

Ravenstahl made this announcement in the midst of accusations of financial misconduct and an FBI and IRS investigation into allegations of misappropriation of funds.

Ravenstahl has been noticeably absent from many public events in recent years, and has faced public outrage over incidents such as taking a city security vehicle to a concert and vacationing at Seven Springs resort while Pittsburgh suffered one of the largest blizzards in recent memory.

The mayor also oversaw many important events for the city of Pittsburgh, including the G20 economic summit, which was attended by many world leaders, including President Obama.

When asked about his decision to step down, Ravenstahl told the [ITAL]Pittsburgh Post-Gazette[\ITAL], "The public nature is something I wasn't prepared for. I disliked the ability of folks to say and do whatever they wanted to say and do regardless of any truth. I disliked the politics of it, the folks that are in it to win and will do so at any cost. I'm just not that person. I never was."

The current leaders in the upcoming mayoral election are City Controller Michael Lamb and Councilman Bill Peduto.