Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Special Allocation: ASLC

The student organization for Asian Student Leadership Conferences (ASLC) petitioned the Senate for funding to attend an East Coast conference on leadership to be held at Columbia University. The organization requested $425 to assist with travel expenses for five students. The allocation of $425 was approved by Student Senate.

Special Allocation: Sigma Tau Delta

The English honors society Sigma Tau Delta petitioned Student Senate for funding to attend a international honor society convention at the end of March.

The organization asked the Senate for $140 to cover the event’s registration fees. Sigma Tau Delta has held service events such as book charity drives for the Pittsburgh Literacy Program in the past.

The finance committee recommended $0 because Sigma Tau Delta is an academic organization, and is exclusive in its membership.
After voting, no funding was allocated to the organization.

Special Allocation: SAE

The Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) builds race cars and competes in a competition in Michigan. Usually, a sponsor lends the organization a welder, but the offer has been withdrawn. The organization requested $900 to purchase a new welder. Senate voted to allocate $935.77 to the organization.

Special Allocation: TEDxCMU

The organizers of TEDx asked Student Senate for additional funding totaling $800 to cover expenses of hosting the TEDxCMU event. The organization has a current funding gap of $6,330, and the $800 was being solicited in addition to grants from other sources. Student Senate voted to allocate $800 for TEDxCMU.

Special Allocation: Alternative Break

Alternative Break petitioned Student Senate for $2,500 for their program. This money would be allocated toward the organization’s travel expenses. When analyzed on a per-person basis this number was below the travel metric. The $2,500 was allocated to Alternative Break.