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Humanities students are worthy of pay

Employers undervalue the worth of humanities students by not offering them paid internships.

Online activism does not produce lasting change

Social media activism will not promote the change that the nation hopes to see.

Internet activists capable of getting the word out

Internet activism might seem ineffective but can go a long way.

Court must favor same-sex marriage

The Supreme Court has several options regarding Proposition 8 and DOMA, but it should dismiss the Proposition 8 case on procedural grounds while overturning DOMA in the name of states' rights.

Experiences at German university reveal issues

An exchange student begins his reflections on his home university and his preparation to leave for Carnegie Mellon.

Activists should be respectful of university members

Organizations must be careful about how they raise awareness on campus.

Midway Market removal neglectful of organizations

The absence of Midway Market during this year's Spring Carnival hurts smaller organizations that are unable to build booths.

Incentives for student leaders should be considered

Incentives may motivate students to run for leadership positions on campus.

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