Did you know?

100 years ago: Mar. 6, 1913
The varsity basketball team competes at its final away games against Geneva College and Westinghouse this week. The team is confident that it can win these final two games and excited about a successful season overall. The athletes encourage everyone to come out to these final games.

50 years ago: Mar. 27, 1963
Red and silver parking meters go up all over campus, most notably near Skibo Gymnasium and on Margaret Morrison Street. Students are reminded that the Donner Hall lot is only open during sporting events and that cars parked in the lot at any other time will be towed at the owner’s expense.

25 years ago: Mar. 22, 1988
Apple, Inc. hosts an event titled StraightTalk to discuss software design with current students. The event is the first of its kind on any college campus. Students have the chance to show off their original software and listen to a lecture by Apple systems engineer Paul Hudspeth.

10 years ago: April 1, 2003
The April Fools’ issue of The Tartan gives a satirical report from the Housing and Dining Office. In a false interview with the Neil Binstock, the liaison to Parkhurst (think 1980s CulinArt), said, “we’ve completely revamped our vision to include food that can be eaten, digested, and eventually converted into waste matter.”

5 years ago: Mar. 31, 2008
Senator Barack Obama visits Pittsburgh at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall just two weeks after Senator Hillary Clinton came to Pennsylvania. The event sells out and Obama speaks about education, renewable energy, and the importance of public service and college students.

1 year ago: Apr. 2, 2012
A busy week of theft and alcohol amnesty filled the Campus Crime and Incident Report. A car was stolen from the Morewood parking lot, and a DUI was issued on Forbes Avenue near the University Center turnaround after the driver blew out a front tire while leaving the parking lot.