Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Thrive at CMU

The wellness course StuCo that Student Senate is developing for incoming students, titled “Thrive at CMU,” recently received approval from the University Education Council to find instructors for the course. The organizers’ goal is to have the syllabus completed by the conclusion of this semester.

Academic Integrity Policy

Holly Hippensteel, assistant dean of student affairs, spoke to the Senate to request endorsement of the university’s new academic integrity policy.
The policy has already been endorsed by faculty senate, CMU Qatar’s Student Majlis and the Graduate Student Assembly. It will also be presented to the president’s council.
A discussion was held on the amount of collaboration with other students on assignments allowed in this new policy, as well as the need for students to communicate with faculty members about assignment-specific rules for collaboration.

Student Senate voted to endorse the new academic integrity policy.

Special Allocation: SPIRIT

SPIRIT requested $250 from Student Senate for its booth and buggy expenses. The organization held an event to raise money, but scheduled it at the same time as Greek Sing, so attendance was lower than anticipated. Senate chose not to allocate the requested amount, and voted to allocate $0 to SPIRIT.

Table Sharing

Student Senate declared the new table-sharing program in Tazza D’Oro a success, and is evaluating the potential for implementing this system in the University Center next semester, depending on cost. Table sharing was developed to remedy the chronic shortage of tables in Tazza D’Oro, and the program cost Senate $54 to implement.

Campus Life

Student Senate discussed developments in campus life. The athletic photos in the University Center have now been updated, and details surrounding the gallery crawl event were recently finalized. This event took students to visit the Aviary, Andy Warhol Museum, and the Mattress Factory.