Compubookie 2013

This spring has been tough for all teams involved. Look for excitement in the chute due to the lack of practice and the quicker-than-normal ramp-up of speed by most teams. Let’s jump right into the predictions:

The women’s races will see five A teams and one B team in the top six. Starting off at sixth place will be the women of SPIRIT A. The PiKA women will barely edge out SPIRIT with a better downhill performance, good enough for fifth place.

At the line in fourth place, we will see SDC B with one of its many fast buggies. A strong women’s push team will place the SigEp women in third place. Next, the second-place trophy will be taken by Fringe A, once again falling to a stronger SDC.

SDC A women will catapult one of their quick buggies to another first-place finish.

Tenth place for the men will belong to CIA A with its moderate speed and comparatively weaker push team. Next we have Fringe, who will skate into the ninth spot with its B team.

Following close behind will be SPIRIT's B team. SPIRIT has been looking stronger than ever in both pushing and the freeroll. SDC’s dominance as of late will see its C team slide into the seventh spot for the men’s races.

Finishing before SDC C will be SPIRIT A with a sixth-place finish. Expect SPIRIT to improve on its performance from recent race days with a better roll and a quality push team. SDC B will place well ahead of SPIRIT A for a fifth-place finish, accounting for one of SDC’s three top-10 teams.

The fourth-place trophy will go to Fringe A. Fringe will see a weaker finish than in years past due to the absence of Bonsai — one of their top buggies — on the course and the teams' apparent lack of organization this year. Expect PiKA to finish at a respectable third place with its new small buggy and average A-team pushers.

SigEp A with their impressive downhill performance and strong push team will edge out PiKA and Fringe for the second spot on the leader board.

Ultimately, no one will challenge SDC A with its polished buggy, push team, and knowledgeable mechanics. SDC will take home the first-place men’s trophy for the second year in a row.

As always, I will see everyone at the races, but you will not see me.

The Field:
SDC: It’s about time they add a third win.
CIA: Are you compensating for something with your B1R?
Fringe: Where are your buggies? It’s time to start rolling.
PiKA: Tiny buggy team… tiny push team.
SigNu: If your buggy was the size of your chapter you might have a shot… for Day Two
SAE: Better at painting lions.
Apex: Congratulations for getting your training wheels off.
ROTC: Stick to drones.
SPIRIT: You won term 2, doesn’t really matter you’re still going to lose.
AEPi: Who?