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Let's re-evaluate the way that the United States does taxes

Almost everything about the way we do taxes in this country is wrong.

President of Venezuela needs to fill big shoes

Looking ahead, Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela's president, cannot simply rely on his association with Hugo Chavez in order to succeed.

Carnival should not be characterized by alcohol

Carnival's main event shouldn't be alcohol.

Carnival is a time for letting loose

Carnival is the only time each year that students are able to let loose. Drinking during Carnival is not necessarily a bad thing.

Leaders must cease fire over gun control laws

It's time to find compromise, not time to point fingers.

Social media is unreliable as a source for real news

Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit can spread information quickly but at a sometimes unfortunate price.

Joint Funding Committee’s budget remarks out of line

Joint Funding Committee should take student organization budgets more seriously.

Students should petition more urgent issues than IDs

Students should channel their passion over proposed student IDs to other campus problems.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan had a good time during Carnival. So we asked, "What was your favorite part of Carnival?"

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