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Response to Jared Cohon's email concerning Anti-Gravity Downhill Derby

An open letter to President Cohon and others concerned: Let me start by explaining something about myself. I have PCOS, or poly-cystic ovarian syndrome....

Catholic community members address Downhill Derby controversy

Catholic campus community members share their thoughts on the controversial Anti-Gravity Downhill Derby performance.

Thistles & Thorns

The Tartan awards its annual Thistles and Thorns.

JFC responds to editorial about budget remarks

Two representatives of the Joint Funding Committee respond to last week's editorial about the new budget.

Racial profiling must be put to an end

Acts of terrorism are done by people of all races so let's do away with racial profiling.

BSA stuck in the pocket of religious benefactors

The Boy Scouts of America should reconsider its policy toward homosexual men.

We should experiment with drug laws

It’s entirely possible that drug prohibition does more harm than good.

President’s cabinet searching for applicants

A detailed listing of available positions in the Carnegie Mellon President's Cabinet.

A Person's opinion

The Tartan is ready to kick back and relax after finals, so we asked "How do you prepare for finals?"

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