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Students should utilize CAPS services

CAPS is a resource that needs to be used more often by students.

Voter increase shows positive student body change

Undergraduate voter turnout shows great student enthusiasm.

Obamacare unable to keep all of its promises

It’s time to repeal The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and have a serious debate about what will actually fix our far from perfect healthcare system.

AB Concerts should be commended for booking artist

AB Concerts booked Lupe Fiasco less than 48 hours after Ludacris cancelled; their hard work must be commended.

Looking at advantages of German universities

After examining the flaws of the German education system, an exchange student now highlights the strengths of his home university.

Guantanamo should concern citizens

Americans must be concerned about the ongoing hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay.

Death not fit for shooter

Holmes should not be executed — for the sake of the victims.

Media failed to properly cover North Korean threats

National media must take the threat of North Korea more seriously.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is loving the spring weather this week, so we asked "What have you done to enjoy the warm weather?"

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