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Church may not preach tolerance like the Pope

The fight for tolerance of the LGBT community in the Catholic Church must be prioritized in order to reach the goal of acceptance.

First-years should capitalize on student club options

Incoming students shouldn't be afraid to explore in order to find their niche.

Thicke's music doesn't start discussion

Robin Thicke has defended "Blurred Lines" by saying the song is meant to spark conversation, although the music's lyrics and video do not support his defense.

Positivity of campus cashier will be missed

CulinArt employee Taneya Morris will be missed for her ability to form strong bonds with the campus's students this upcoming academic year.

Stand-your-ground law must be re-examined

U.S. citizens must look to revisit laws that may encourage confrontation in order to prevent incidents similar to Trayvon Martin's death.

Olympic committee must take stand for gay rights

The International Olympic Committee must address the issue of LGBT rights in Russia where this year's winter Olympic Games will be held.

Obamacare doesn't care for economy

A century of hard-fought battles to gain respectable benefits for laborers has been undone in one stroke by Obamacare.

University experts can help states decrease waste

Legislators should continue to consult experts in the field to make more informed decisions about potentially costly ventures.

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