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Videotape training won’t cause change

Harassment by police of people who videotape them has been an issue that may not be resolved by refresher courses for police regarding when citizens can tape them.

Please don’t write me any more love songs

There are much more stimulating topics to write about than the overdone emotion, love, in songwriting.

U.S. cannot stop aiding Egypt during crackdown

The situation in Egypt is too complicated for the United States to simply pull funding from the country.

Cut-throat attitude hurts intern health irreparably

The high demands businesses place on their interns negatively affect intern health, but can be combatted by interns' willingness to meet those demands.

Panic buttons serve as worthy alternatives to armed educators

While they may not offer the same protection as armed guards, panic buttons offer increased protection at a more practical price.

Person's Opinion

The Tartan is excited to see a new class joining the campus community this week. So we asked, "What was your favorite part of Orientation?"

Move from Webmail server must be better publicized

Carnegie Mellon Computing Services must publicize the move from SquirrelMail to Google Apps in order to avoid confusion or technical issues.

Obama’s outlined college goals need more definition

Obama proposed innovative reform during his speech at the University of Buffalo last week, but he needs to support his goals with tangible actions and well-defined plans for reaching these goals.

LinkedIn University Pages offer little new information

LinkedIn may have trouble attracting a younger user base through its University Pages because of its lack of unique content.

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