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University must update campus about Beta

The university has not updated the campus community about the investigation of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

Flat is the new phat for Apple’s newest iOS 7

Apple's latest move towards simplicity proves to be a good move for the company's software.

FIFA hosts not worthy

FIFA has neglected the core value of community by choosing Qatar and Russia to host future World Cups.

Individual acts cannot be generalized in India

Isolated incidents of sexual assault in India result in the creation of broad stereotypes and incorrect generalizations.

Assad should be displaced

The U.S. should focus on removing Bashar al-Assad and the chemical weapons in Syria in order to increase the nation's stability.

Rowling won't fail to keep the magic alive

J.K Rowling's willingness to work with others hoping to adapt her novels ensures that the adapted materials are as stellar as the author's original visions.

Changing university culture not impossible

Harvard Business School has proven that it is possible to change notions that are deeply ingrained in campus communities.

Person's Opinion

The TOC and BOC are coming this week, so we asked, “How do you prepare for job fairs?”

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