Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Joint Funding Committee Applications

Joint Funding Committee (JFC) applications are now open. The JFC convenes in the spring to put together budgets for student organizations for the next school year. Interested candidates can contact Student Body Vice President for Finance Jalen Poteat ( for more information.

Vacancy Elections

The Senate chair discussed the upcoming vacancy elections. To run for a vacant Senate seat, a student must gather signatures from members of his or her college. Current senators will then vote on the candidates.

There are five vacant seats in the College of Engineering, three in the College of Fine Arts, and one in the School of Computer Science.

Points of Discussion

A senator asked the Senate Chair Lukas Ronner how Senate Week planning is coming along. Ronner responded that Senate Week has been budgeted for and the promotional handouts have been approved. Speakers and the schedule have been set, but the public relations still need planning. Senate Week will be the week of Oct. 21.

Senators also discussed a student who had been selling parts of the fence earlier that day. The student had collected the pieces over the summer as they fell off the fence and was selling them as part of an art class.

Special Allocation: Sigma Phi Epsilon

There was a motion to allocate $800 to Sigma Phi Epsilon for its Labor Day Barbecue. Since there was no non-Senate representative from Sigma Phi Epsilon to speak for the fraternity, Senate Finance Chair Andrew Schwartz spoke instead.

He made the point that the Labor Day Barbecue benefited the entire campus, and at one point was run by Senate. Schwartz noted, too, that similar allocations for Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Labor Day Barbecue have been approved in previous years.

The allocation was funded without change, after a hand vote.