Dollar Movie

Star Trek

An incredible revival of the classic series, Star Trek captures all the wonder and endless entertainment of Starfleet. Film juggernaut J.J. Abrams manages to create an entertaining prequel without banking on nostalgia. Chris Pine and Carnegie Mellon alumnus Zachary Quinto ground the story with humanity and friendship despite their contrasting personas as Captain Kirk and Spock.

Star Trek: Into Darkness

The Enterprise is back and better than ever. With J.J. Abrams back to lead this ship, Into Darkness is a surprisingly fresh sequel that not only avoids the traps most franchises fall into but surpasses other summer blockbusters with ridiculous thrill rides and an amazing cast. Benedict Cumberbatch roars as the antagonist but also boldly makes us question the definition of a terrorist.

Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia is a masterful landmark of filmmaking history. The story ventures out into the Middle Eastern front during World War I as seen through the eyes of T.E. Lawrence, who battles with both the world he sees and with his own identity. Full of glorious landscapes and fueled by a powerful story, Lawrence of Arabia mercilessly begets majesty. With his piercing blue eyes, Peter O’Toole offers one of the most compelling performances in the role that made him a star.