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Indian chief minister may be damaging for country

Having a prime minister with virulent anti-Muslim sentiments will seriously damage the unity of India.

Criticism of millennials holds true

The millennial generation has been called self-absorbed and entitled, and these allegations are almost definitely true.

Miss America backlash is surprising

The racist comments made on Twitter about Miss America's heritage do not uphold traditional American values.

Cyrus deserves a break, Thicke deserves a stake

The vastly different between public reactions to Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke shows a disturbing gender divide.

Improve alcohol education, not crackdown

Less money should be invested in crackdowns related to alcohol, while more money should be spent on alcohol education.

BOC, TOC must be accessible to students

The timing of the BOC and TOC limits students' abilities to attend these job fairs.

Netflix’s piracy battle benefits subscribers

Netflix's strategy to stream highly pirated shows is a smart move for not only the company, but for entertainment producers as well.

A Person's Opinion

The final episode of Breaking Bad airs next week, so we asked "What would you use as a cover for your drug empire?"

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