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Chemistry professor leads effort to fight water pollutants

Chemistry professor Terry Collins has always been a leader in the field of green chemistry. His lab is currently making exciting advancements in the eradication of pollutants from the water supply.

Recent alumni help students catch a steal with DormDeal

Check out DormDeal, a new web app developed by a team of Carnegie Mellon alumni that allows members of the campus community to buy or sell used goods in a safe environment.

CMU startup expedites the process of converting apps

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon are working on ways to expedite the process of converting apps between operating systems through their startup and computer platform: Apportable.

How Things Work: Memory

Despite the fact that memory is such an integral part of our lives, scientists are only just beginning to understand the complex science behind our ability to remember.

SciTech Briefs

SciTech briefs covers comets that may have started life, a new protein associated with Alzheimer's, rejuvenating yeast, and vitamin E fighting electric shock.

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