Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Fiscal Close Presentation from SBVPF Poteat

During this week’s Senate meeting, Student Body Vice President of Finance Jalen Poteat, a junior statistics major, gave a presentation on how the Joint Funding Committee (JFC) completed its fiscal close process at the end of the spring semester, which also marked the end of Carnegie Mellon’s fiscal year.

Poteat spoke of how leftover funds — previously allocated for specific organizations by the JFC — were dealt with, and explained what happened to organizations that had overspent their JFC accounts.

According to Poteat, organizations that overspent will remain in good standing if the organization used money that had rolled over from the previous fiscal year, if the organization is supervised, or if the organization is on controlled probation.

Poteat talked about the process for helping organizations in debt, which includes a weekly meeting between Poteat and the leaders of organizations on controlled probation.

Booth Theme

The first meeting about booths for Spring Carnival was on Wednesday. Next year the new Tepper building will be breaking ground in the Morewood parking lot. Because of this, Spring Carnival will be relocated. Senators discussed where the best places to hold Carnival in the future.

Future Town Hall

The Senate executive committee discussed holding a town hall meeting in light of the fact that Senate Week is changing this year. It will shift its focus in order to encourage students to attend Senate general body meetings.

Senators have not agreed on a theme for the proposed town hall meeting, but they discussed several options. Options include campus unity, campus stress culture, and faculty course evaluations. Senators also suggested a town hall meeting with a more open and fun format, rather than the traditional formal town hall setting.