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U.S. must deal with Syria

The United States must intervene in the Syrian conflict, although not through military strikes.

Legislators would be wise to privatize sale of alcohol

After a summer of public debate and discussion, Pennsylvania legislators have again failed to privatize liquor stores. Liquor sales in Pennsylvania are...

New networking site may not be appropriate for police

BlueLine, a new social media platform aimed toward law enforcement officers, may not be the most effective way to link the nation's police forces.

University stereotypes don’t reflect campus life

Carnegie Mellon lives up to its stereotype of hard-work, but the passionate student body is what makes the university so amazing.

City of Bones is plagiarism

Cassandra Clare may have plagiarized other works when writing her series The Mortal Instruments.

Argument over statutory rape simplified too much

Critics have simplified Betsy Karasik's argument about sex between teachers and students and have criticized it without addressing her points of discussion.

Sesame Street’s focus on STEM elements admirable

Sesame Street now has a focus on science and math, which could prepare younger generations for a rapidly shifting workforce.

Email contains welcome but disorganized information

A university email containing information for students living off campus contained useful resources but was organized poorly.

Person's Opinion

The Tartan is still settling into classes this week. So we asked, "What is your favorite class so far?"

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