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Scientists redefine how the brain learns information

Sandra J. Kuhlman, assistant professor of biological sciences at Carnegie Mellon, explored how inhibitory neurons in the brain function during critical periods of learning.

Once a fantasy, self-driving cars are close to reality

A 15-member team at Carnegie Mellon University worked with General Motors to develop an autonomous driving car that can navigate through the everyday traffic of the roads of Pittsburgh.

Phage course provides first-years with hands-on research

The Phage Genomics Course at Carnegie Mellon gives first-year students a hands-on research opportunity - and the possibility of finding new medical treatments.

How Things Work: Caffeine

How Things Work explores the chemical effects of caffeine on the brain.

SciTech Briefs

SciTech Briefs covers the evolution of echolocation, video games' effect on older brains, and greater access to quantum computing.

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