Gallery Crawl

Credit: Clytze Sun/ Credit: Clytze Sun/ Credit: Clytze Sun/ Credit: Clytze Sun/ Credit: Clytze Sun/ Credit: Clytze Sun/

The Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District took place on Jan. 25, the last Friday night of the month. From 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., the entire district was a collective art feast filled with live jazz jam sessions, local artist pop-up shops, and different galleries’ fascinating exhibitions.

Start the night with tapas and drink at the Backstage Bar. Let the drum, the organ, and the guitar loosen your nerves and refresh your senses for a night of aesthetic adventure. Begin your gallery trip with some local artists’ work on the fourth floor of Radiant Hall Studio, a non-profit organization dedicated to “create and preserve studio environments for working artists.” Then follow the sound of music downstairs to the first floor, where high schoolers across Allegheny County perform all your favorite songs from High School Musical. It's time to put on a lip-sync show with your best friends in the midst of the crowd!

If jazz and a musical still can’t satisfy your ears, make sure to stop by the Trust Arts Education Glow Gallery where DJ Arie Cole puts on some chill electro house EDM and see your world glow in neon colors.

At 9 p.m., it’s time for the highlight of the night: the new exhibition of Refik Anadol at Wood Street Galleries. However, before you get a chance to enjoy the exhibition, you find yourself in line outside the gallery, shivering in 20°F, with voices in your head repeatedly questioning your devotion for art. But soon, you realize that even though the art is inside, you are surrounded by all kinds of interesting artists and art fanatics. With a curse on the weather, you break the ice. The graphic designers in front of you and rock enthusiasts behind you share insights on all the things about the local art scene that you’ve never heard of including their favorite shops, restaurants, and bars. The cold night and long line become less unbearable. You no longer long for the Infinity Room — the main attraction of the gallery — as the local artists have already overwhelmed you with all the passionate conversation.

“I really love the community vibe in the Pittsburgh art scene,” somebody behind you comments, and you nod wholeheartedly while letting the warm glow of local pride shelter you from the brutal late-night wind. As you step into the Infinity Room, light beams travel past you in the perfect precision of a carefully calculated algorithm. The mirrors above and below stretch your boxed reality into infinity. You are astonished by the magical creation of art and science, reluctant to even blink your eyes. At 10 p.m., you end your fulfilling night with a three-minute experience of infinite beauty.