Fantasy Football

I’m proud to announce that the champion of the Tartan Fantasy Football League is former Assistant Pillbox Editor Izzy Sio’s team, GOAT but Ironically!
After the regular season, our league of eight was cut in half, with Editor-in-Chief Nora Mattson’s team newz, News Editor Adam Tunnard’s team Slugs, former Pillbox Editor Michelle Madlansacay’s team mmichelle123, and my team Gin and Bear It out of the competition. The remaining teams battled it out in two semifinal matchups, and obviously, the finals to establish bragging rights.

Semifinal 1: GOAT but Ironically over futbol, 101.82 to 84.18

Though Sio’s GOAT but Ironically was trailing earlier in the week, it pulled past Le’s futbol with a trio of solid performances: this season’s breakout star Patrick Mahomes, quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, put up 18.02 points from 243 passing yards and two touchdowns; Los Angeles Rams star running back Todd Gurley scored 24.40 points with two touchdowns, and Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Carson added 20.80 points with 119 yards on the ground and a touchdown. It was enough to overcome some lower starters, including Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen, who scored zero points.
For Le’s futbol, Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson led the way with 16.10 points, but she left a lot of points on the table. Her bench quarterback Matt Ryan, of the Atlanta Falcons, scored 25.04 points, while her starting quarterback, Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts, scored a paltry 9.68 points. With the loss, Le went to the third-place matchup, while Sio punched her ticket to the championship.

Semifinal 2: TARTAN FANTASY over Last Manning Standing, 109.46 to 55.28

Qian’s TARTAN FANTASY demolished Miller’s Last Manning Standing in this semifinal matchup. Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson had a 22.36-point performance, from 294 yards through the air and two touchdowns. Several other starters contributed, including Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCafferty and Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin. After a mediocre regular season with many ups and downs, Qian found herself in the championship, almost like a 9-7 team sneaking into the sixth-seed wild card spot and going to the Super Bowl.
After leading the Tartan League for several weeks earlier in the season, Miller’s Last Manning Standing found itself sitting on the outside looking in. Barely scoring half as many points as TARTAN FANTASY, Miller only had two starters who scored in double digits: New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara with 16.30 points, and Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McManus with 10 points. Miller went on to face off against Le in the consolation game, while Qian took on Sio.

Third Place Game: futbol over Last Manning Standing, 84.88 to 79.64

This consolation game proved to be an improvement for both team, especially Miller’s Last Manning Standing, but Le’s futbol still came out on top. For Le, Luck rebounded from the previous week and scored 21.58 points with a 357-yard and two-touchdown performance. While New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski didn’t score any points, her other starters made up for the deficit.
For Miller, Kamara came through yet again, leading Last Manning Standing with 22.50 points, while Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston added 14.84 points. Still, it wasn’t enough, ending a season that began with high hopes for a championship. On the flip side, Le went into the season with no fantasy football knowledge, and she’s now one of the most experienced of the Tartan League.

The Championship: GOAT but Ironically over TARTAN FANTASY, 132.22 to 129.06

In this high-scoring championship game, Qian’s TARTAN FANTASY came close to pulling off the upset, but Sio’s GOAT but Ironically came back late to snatch the Tartan League Crown. Again, Mahomes led GOAT but Ironically, this time with 28.22 points from 273 passing yards and three touchdowns. Three other starters scored over 20 points, Carson with 23.60 points, Rams wide receiver Robert Woods with 22.40 points, and the Baltimore Ravens Defense with a stellar 20 points.
TARTAN FANTASY boasted the Championship-high 36.46 points from Watson, as well as consistent performances from McCafferty and Baldwin. But while most of Qian’s team showed up, Green Bay Packers tight end Jimmy Graham was the difference, posting just 3.40 points, and allowing Sio to pull ahead for the victory.

And that is it for this season of Tartan fantasy football.