Movies in McConomy

This week, If Beale Street Could Talk will be screening in McConomy.

This is Barry Jenkin's second film, and it's proof that Moonlight was no fluke. This film is another absolutely beautiful work, and it's shocking that it's not nominated for Best Picture this year at the Academy Awards. The film follows a pregnant woman as she struggles to prove her fiancé is innocent of a crime.

The film is incredibly well directed by Jenkins, and if he keeps this trajectory going, he will solidify himself as one of the best directors working today. It's very well shot and acted, and the cinematography and color palette are amongst the best from last year. The score is absolutely incredible too. The story itself is very powerful, with many great scenes between each of the well-written characters. I will say it again, but it really is a shame that this film is not nominated for more awards. This film deserves a lot more recognition than it got. Check this film out this weekend, and definitely be on the lookout for this director's films in the future.