CMU Student Senate General Body Meeting recap 9/29

The Undergraduate Student Senate held their weekly meeting on Sept. 29 in the University Center Danforth Conference Room. The main focuses of the meeting were Special Allocations, a funding request from The Frame Gallery, and vacancy elections.

Bhangra in the Burgh requested $8,000 from Special Allocations to cover venue costs. The organization currently receives $10,028.76 from the Joint Funding Committee (JFC), anticipates $15,000 to $20,000 from ticket sales, and anticipates $2,000 from University Funding. The $8,000 requested funds is to cover Hospitality ($6,000) and Tech Operations ($2,000). The request was due to an unexpected cost associated with inflation, as the venue’s pricing increased by 33 percent. The request was approved.

CMU Wrestling made a request of $8,070.84 for a new wrestling mat from Special Allocations. The mat would be used by wrestling, grappling, and MMA clubs. Currently, an old mat is being used; wrestling mats like what was requested usually have a lifespan between eight and 10 years. CMU Wrestling is currently on controlled probation from the JFC, which the club leadership was not aware of. There is a $2,000 line item in the club’s budget from the JFC which was not taken into consideration when the special allocations request was made. The Senate approved an allocation of $6,070.84, the difference between JFC funding and mat cost.

The Chess Club requested $3,000 from Special Allocations to reset and expand the club. This includes chess sets ($400), chess clocks ($600), Chess Club shirts ($250), snacks ($300), guest speakers and reservations ($300), tournaments prize pool ($750), and miscellaneous costs ($400). Due to defunct leadership last year, the Chess Club did not apply for JFC funding. The request was approved.

The Frame Gallery, Carnegie Mellon’s on-campus student-run gallery, requested funding from the Senate to renovate since its current infrastructure is falling apart. Planned renovations would happen during the school year, but efforts would be focused during the spring. While construction is occurring, works would be displayed in a different gallery. There is currently a limit on how many people can be in the gallery due to the lack of a restroom.

The total cost of the renovation is projected to be $270,753.62 — $137,167.98 from non-restroom-related expenses and $133,585.64 from restroom-related expenses. Between the School of Art, College of Fine Arts, Universal Access Committee, Housing Services, Provost’s Office, Dean of Students Office, and the JFC, $235,000 has been secured for renovations. $40,000 was requested from the Student Government Operating Reserve to cover the remaining costs of renovations. The motion was approved.

The last order of business was a vacancy election. Grace Oualline was elected to hold a Senate seat for the Mellon College of Science.