10/3/22 - Editor's Letter

I'm still doing this, huh?
Just another classic issue of the great PILLBOX, edited by yours truly and written by a wide variety of genius writers producing works of genius every week for you all to hopefully appreciate. We write these articles not just for ourselves, but for you, our glorious readers.
Page 4 holds an article entitled "The Power of Man's Best Friend." I sure hope Haley Williams writes something hilarious yet analytical on the topic, perhaps by making the title an allusion to a recent Wes Anderson feature film.
Page 6, a slightly less than in depth analysis of one Robert Crumb, comic creating genius and also maybe misogynist and perhaps racist though definitely not a cool guy unless he is?
Page 8, a wonderful concert by wonderful musicians.
Page 10, more of Anna Cappella's intriguing semi-non-autobiographical story about life in CMU America.
Page 12, An interview with Shawn Koza, renaissance artist.
Page 14, a proto classic analysis of the themes and concepts of one film remake entitled "Scarface." Also featuring a lovely drawing of a blimp.
Page 18, William Curvan releases a poem that makes us all hem and haw.
And still the playlist.

What a wacky week,
Your beloved -- and loving -- Pillbox Editor.