Koza - 'It's Not About Pretty'

In late September, Koza released a new Hip-Hop/RnB album on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as other platforms. Having listened to the album a couple of times, I’d say that it’s a really good, chill album. It has perfect vibes for when you want to feel cool walking to class with your headphones in, truly big main character energy. Halley’s Comet seems to be the most popular song off the album as of now, and I can definitely see why. It’s really satisfying and melodic, and perfect for a chill vibes playlist. My personal favorite song is Sativa Leaf, which has a bit of a heavier feel than the rest of the album, but higher energy. I’d definitely recommend this album to anyone who likes RnB or Hip-Hop, or anyone who has met a girl at a party and imagined your potential future together.

In late September, Koza released a new Hip-Hop/RnB album on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as other platforms. The Tartan was able to speak to him this week and get his perspective on what the album means.

How long have you been making music, and what made you want to start?
“I’ve been making music for around 4 years
I started because I really liked rap and rhythm
And making melodies and writing raps was something I’ve always been doing but never took it seriously
Recorded my first song on my iphone”

What was your inspiration for this album?
“The inspiration for this album was all the immediate experience that you experience when coming to college/ or being placed in a new environment
You make new friends
You meet new romantic partners
And how in through all the excitement it’s important to remember that no matter how glamours everything seems
You have to be mindful that it’s not about that
And how it’s about understanding and getting to know people on a much deeper level”

Is there a message that you want people to pull from this album?
“The message that I’d want people to know is to feel confident in their passions and life pursuits
And that there are always people with them that support and believe in them
Because those are the people that see you for more than just pretty”

Do you have a favorite song on the album?
“My favorite song on the album is met her at a party which is the interlude, because that song was made in such authentic way, I literally went out earlier that night, met an a amazing person and then when we went to the studio later that night, I just reflected on my experiences earlier in the night. It was the first song that we decided to put on the album. And then Glair did his thing and created a great hook. The original song actually had a Jerry Mulligan piano sample that we couldn’t get cleared, so I reached out to my friend Charlotte at Berkeley School of Music who connect me with Nico who played a new jazz part that allowed us to finish the song
And then to top it off my best friend and executive producer of this album Mihael “Da Vinchi” Haule added the String section to further add to the Jazz-Rap combination on this song”

Is there anything else you want people to know going into this album?
“One of my best friends always says to live everyday like you’re gonna meet your soulmate next week. And honestly I don’t think she is wrong… But romanticizing romance these days can be heartbreaking and unfortunately a lot of people are gonna let us down. The toxic inner thoughts creep in and give us feelings we don’t need to feel, and tell us things we don’t need to hear… so instead you can listen to this:

You are Pretty
You are Loved
You Are Enough

It’s Not About Pretty because it’s about much more
It’s about Love and I Love You

Dedicated to the real lovers out there

Executive Produced By: Mihael “Da Vinchi” Haule, Surya Vangala, Marcel Milewski, and Gowtham Irrinki”

What’s your album called, and where can people find it?
“The Album is called ‘It’s Not About Pretty’
can be found at https://www.kozasound.com”