Quiet study area

Credit: William Curvan/ Credit: William Curvan/

The Gates-Hillman Center
Floor 5
So dear and close I oft think
I forget
It's not my home
And still
I fear that those who trod this ground are lost
In their mind
In their lives
In their sighs
'Midst scattered chairs and hum-buzz lights
Their upward longing lost to screens of code
I fear the grasp of obligation
I wear my mask of concentration
Losing myself
At my lowest

I upward walk the spiral course
And luck upon a fine recourse
A sign that greets and whispers:
"Quiet Study Area"
The sign is not all
I ne'er have felt such rapture
My affection is captured
By the Scream Chamber
O the Scream Chamber
What wonders hold'st in thine soundproof walls
Your door withstands whatever noise
I hurl at thee with manic joy
My head turns up and now returns
The longing with which my soul yearns
My dreams and life are back in hand
I have regained a hold And
I leave
I feel a levity of heart
That only your embrace imparts
Thank you Scream Chamber
I feel better now