What to do while waiting for your card to scan at ABP

Twiddle your thumbs
Wait and wait
Take a test, or two
Read one whole book, front to back
Go and get a snack, hmm…
Finish that novel you’ve been working on
Wait a little longer
Complain to your friends
Thank the cashier one more time
Why did I get that dining plan?
Solve an unsolved problem
Get a Fields medal
Why won’t your card scan?
Should you have just paid with credit?
No, that takes just as long.
Cash, chequebook?
Remember for next time.
Jot down a mental note
Hell, why not jot down a physical note.
Do 15 minutes at 9 speed on the CUC treadmill
Still waiting, hasn’t finished scanning
And so many more fun things,
All for YOU to do,
While your card doesn’t scan at ABP