11/21/22 - Editors' Letter

Dear readers,

As the semester comes to a close, PILLBOX continues on our creative grind. Don't worry though, there's only one more issue left before you no longer have to pretend to read PILLBOX to impress your friends. Of course they've all been reading it! They know all about the great Will Curvan's tales "From the Archives." They've staying updated on all the "Letters from Maggie." Hell, they probably even read "Muppet Corner." Well (almost) all of these wonderful series are still in this issue, so now as good a time as any to un "screenager" yourself and become involved in the cultural center of Carnegie Mellon, PILLBOX! In an era of shark-coochie boards and travel influencers, let us serve as a means to culturing yourself so that you, too, can strut about with your head held high, knowing that you are cooler, smarter, and just generally better than everyone else around you.

The aforementioned "From the Archives" section continues unimpeded into it's third issue, this time all about Wean Hall.
"Letters from Maggie" reaches it's penultimate installment! I wonder what will happen next.
Nothing from "Muppet Corner," but Zachary Gelman writes a few other articles, including one riveting Au Bon Pain Experience.
H. F. Chacon Jr. rides again, have you heard of "The Godfather"?
Ire and Jaehyun took some great pictures of Bhangra in the Burgh!
Our musically-inclined Editor-in-Chief reviews HUNNY's "Homesick," and we love him for it.
And Will revolutionizes the B19 Playlist with a little article about how he chose the songs!

Keeping ourselves safe,
Your Pillbox Editors