HUNNY's 'Homesick' (Deluxe Version): a review

As anyone who knows me well knows, I’m a big fan of indie and rock music. One of the bands I know a song or five from is HUNNY, who released a deluxe version of their latest EP, “Homesick” on Friday. I somehow missed the actual EP’s release in July, but now’s as good a time as ever to give the deluxe version a review. Full disclosure: I had not heard any of the songs before writing this, so these are my first impressions.

‘JFK’ - 8.1/10

“JFK” was a good start to the album! I’m a fan of the guitar opening and the overall vibe. I will note, though, that at times I was struggling to figure out what was actually being sung. I had to look at the lyrics to actually see what they were. Overall, a good song despite only being just over a minute-and-a-half long.

‘Homesick’ - 9.0/10

“Homesick” is very deserving to be the namesake of this album; that is to say, I’m a huge fan. The song has a very standard rock feel with a good amount of experimentation mixed in that I like. This song definitely scratches the part of my brain that is looking for feel-good rock exactly like this. I also just like songs that contain background conversation like “Homesick” does. This song will definitely be on some playlists of mine in the future.

‘Loser’ - 8.9/10
“Loser” is definitely a different feeling coming off of “Homesick.” It feels like every different type of thought in my head — from those weird intrusive thoughts to thoughts of want and longing. I like this song for different reasons than I like “Homesick”; “Loser” just is about what we all want: to not feel like a loser.

‘New Recording 122 August 19, 2020’ - 7.6/10

This is such a silly little addition on the album, and I love it. It is literally just a recording of someone getting in their car and singing to themself. It’s the flavor of humor I find really funny, and I’m glad it’s on here.

‘Speed Dial’ - 7.1/10

“Speed Dial” isn’t really up my alley, but I recognize it’s a good song. It’s a bit more punk-ish than some of the other songs on the album, but by no means does that take away from anything. It caught me off guard following “New Recording,” and like “JFK,” it’s not that long of a song. If you like some pop punk, this song is probably for you.

‘Good Will Hunting Song’ - 7.8/10

I don’t know if I’m missing any connection to “Good Will Hunting” because I haven’t seen it, but I do like this song. The upbeat tempo with the syncopation for the beginning of the song was really good, and I was honestly not expecting the complete vibe change toward the end of the song. I like it!

‘Homesick - slenderbodies remix’ - 7.1/10

I’ll preface this by saying I’m not usually a huge fan of song remixes, especially of songs I like unremixed. Anyways, I don’t think this remix adds very much to the original, but it also doesn’t take much away. I think it’s a different take on “Homesick,” but it’s not really for me.

‘Homesick - Planet Heaven Version’ - 8.2/10

This remix feels so different from the original “Homesick,” that I didn’t realize it was a remix at first. It feels very similar to an acoustic version of “Homesick,” and I have to say I’m a fan. While I still prefer the original over this one, I could definitely see myself listening to this version if I want something a little bit more chill.

Overall Impressions

While I am overall a fan of the album (maybe minus the slenderbodies remix), the entire album doesn’t do it for me like the entirety of HUNNY’s “Pain / Ache / Loving” or “Vowels (and the Importance of Being Me).” It’s definitely an album I will revisit sooner or later (especially because I like “Homesick” and “Loser”). If you like rock, then I’d say give “Homesick” a try. My overall impression is to give this album around a 8.3/10.