Will's first semester recap playlist

For this week's PILLBOX playlist, I've crafted a sonic journey through our first semester so far through the lens of my current playlist.

As summer comes to a close, this first-semester playlist rushes out the gate with the energetic "Party on Fifth Ave" by Pittsburgh's own, Mac Miller, and "Hear Me Clearly" by Pusha T. But of course, as excited as we are for college, any big transition will have its moments of existential angst. Cavetown serenades us with "Meteor Shower," a ukulele ballad in 3/4 to accompany us through these trying times, while the reflective "Somewhere Tonight" by Beach House makes us ponder the meaning of it all.

But soon, we're woken up by the academic rigor of our courses, and we get into the swing of the semester. From the giant of indie rock, Tame Impala, we get his classic "Eventually"; from Florida rapper JID, we get "Surround Sound," off of "The Forever Story," arguably his best album yet; next we get Roddy by Djo, better known as Steve from Stranger Things (who knew he could make music?); and after a hard day studying at Sorrels, "Stress Relief" by Late Night Drive Home gives us something to listen to on our 11 p.m. trudge home (if only I had a car).

Right at the start of October, Kid Cudi — ever the genre-bending innovator — dropped his movie-album combo "Entergalactic." Lots going on in this project, but when the dust settles, it turns out that "Willing to Trust" had the most replay value for me. Then, with a whole week of fall break smack-dab in the middle of spooky season, we can relax to something more lo-fi with "Wonderland" and "From the Subway Train" by Vansire.

As the evening winds get chillier, we get the swirling and synth-heavy "EXP Share" by hip-hop group Exociety to accompany us on our cross-campus walks as they get darker earlier and earlier.

But of course, even as the late-autumn melancholy sets in, we still need to get back into the academic grind. Hubert Lenoir gets our energy back up with the sax and piano-heavy "Fille de Personne II." No clue what he's saying, but you gotta love hearing a funky French boy break it down. Then we get Daniel Caesar's "RESTORE THE FEELING," backed by the harmonies of every music nerd's favorite artist, Jacob Collier. From Exociety alum, Rav, we finish things off with the upbeat and sample-heavy "Get Mine II."

  • Party on Fifth Ave, Mac Miller
  • Hear Me Clearly, Pusha T
  • Meteor Shower, Cavetown
  • Somewhere Tonight, Beach House
  • Eventually, Tame Impala
  • Surround Sound, JID
  • Roddy, Djo
  • Stress Relief, Late Night Drive Home
  • Willing to Trust, Kid Cudi
  • Wonderland, Vansire
  • From the Subway Train, Vansire
  • EXP Share, Exociety
  • Fille de Personne II, Hubert Lenoir
  • RESTORE THE FEELING, Daniel Caesar
  • Get Mine II, Rav