2/28/22 - Editor's Letter

We love Poetry (with a capital P) here at PILLBOX. We love it so much that we dedicated our issue to it! This issue showcases poetry from writers across CMU's many schools, with widely varied subject matter and style. Additionally, there's plenty of reflections on the art of poetry itself, from this week's Intersection Essay - where columnist Disyaski Krishnan reflects on Rilke, crisis, and more - to Tessa Weinland's humorous and astute explanation of "How to be a Poet".

Our examination of "poetry" extends beyond the basic definitions of the form. Heralding from the Mellon College of Science, Anna Cappella – also known as the Zoomer Shel Silverstein – steps in with a Poetic Edda on Beach House, with a formatting so unique and artistic that our code monkeys will tear their hair out trying to put it onto our vintage 2004 website. Bear witness to a powerful cultural critique written by one of PILLBOX’s most prolific writers! Issue #1 contributor Emma Pollet returns with her moving personal essay, "Something to Remember me by".

Last but not least, this issue is filled with the phenomenal artworks of CMU's wildly talented artist Soomin Kong. Soomin contributed several pieces to this issue, pieces featured both as accompaniments to poetry and articles as well as an artist feature from pages 16-18. And of course, it is Soomin's work that shines brilliantly on this week's cover.

Many thanks to all our contributors for sharing their talent and intellect with us for this special issue. And thank you for reading - we can't wait to come back after spring break with even more art, writing, and culture for your eyes and ears.

As always, send any and all contributions for future issues our way - using our spiffy new contribution form, which can be found on the back of the magazine!

Pria Dahiya & Zach Gelman