3/21/22 - Editor's Letter

Welcome back, Tartinos and Tartinas, we've got a whale of a PILLBOX issue in honor of everyone going BACK TO SCHOOL! Whether you loved your break or you hated it, we hope PILLBOX Issue #5 will make your day a little better. We've got some fine articles here for you.

Welcoming us back to campus is humorous coverage of the community-wide challenge of keeping the Morewood E-Tower door to CAPs open (see B4-B5, "Doorstop Review"). From sticks to stones to hunks of ice, all solutions have been tried, and are cataloged here with fervor. There's a good bit of comedy throughout this issue to ease you back into school spirit, with two gut-busting satire pieces from Zivan Vasquez. If you want to know more about Ukraine, or whether it is finally time to automate critical race theory, those two articles are for you.

This week is not just about laughts, however. We're lucky enough to be able to feature plenty of serious criticism, with two film reviews on pages B4-5 and B9. For all of our dedicated music-heads, we've got a great articles about a great bunch of albums by new contributor Aidan Winn, and a seasonal depression-themed playlist music recommendations (B18). We're also thrilled to feature an interview with long-time Pillbox contributor Mila Fejzo about their work and artistic process. In our comics section, you can find another masterpiece from Hannibal Gerald, this time about everyone's least favorite type of doctor, dentists! Last but not least, we're lucky to be able to share an original poem by local poet Rowan Dunlop, "Live from the Warzone" (B13).

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's wonderful little selection of articles and interviews to ease your post-spring break and daylights-savings induced hangover. Take a read - you won't regret it.