4/11/22 - Editor's Letter

Hello Goobers. I'm sure all of you were boozing and cruising the entirety of last week, and are now winding down from the GREATEST WEEK OF YOUR LIFE! If any of this wasn't true for you, that sucks. To continue the fabulous week that we're sure you all had, we have built the ultimate PILLBOX issue. It's got everything your hearts could ever desire (if you love reading fine articles, of course). PILLBOX's old guard has come back in full force here, as we have used all of our connections to bring back the Cabal of Power Writers from last semester's issues.

Stormin' Sujay: His typewriter lies heavy, a crown adorning his head. This intellectual titan has written over 120 articles for The Tartan, and plans to write at least 120 more. For today's issue he's gone bonkers, and released a full dissertation on a very important movie.

Naked Nate: After the heavy toll incurred from Bisexual Superman, Nate returns to PILLBOX with a fresh mind and strips RENT bare with whip hot takes and obtuse political commentary.

Audacious Anna: Never one to let an album go unreviewed, Anna drops a knowledge bomb on all Jon Batiste haters, and still has enough time to design half of PILLBOX. Her design skills matched only by her listening skills, musicians live in fear of receiving one of her legendary negative reviews.

Zesty Zachary: We'll never really know where his inspirations come from, but when they do, he sure can write! Having written some of PILLBOX's many articles, Zach inspires with his ability to crank out a piece of writing on any topic at any time of night or day.

Also Cole wrote.

We truly hope you enjoy this week's collection of art and writing covering topics within and beyond Carnival. Know that the PILLBOX team probably had a way better time than you did and if you want to have just as good of a time you should consider contributing to our future editions via the form linked on the back side of this issue.

Much love,
your editors, yadayadaya