4/18/22 - Editor's Letter

Good morning PILLBOX! I know every single time we say "this is an incredible issue of Pillbox," but we've been lying. This time though, we've got a real 100% bona fide masterpiece issue for you this week. Post Carnival, everyone's been winding down. Except for us of course. We're still out here grinding and pursuing that bag.

This week's theme is "Endless Reflection," which gives a taste of the times that are behind us that we still look back on. From the archives of The Tartan to the throwbacks on this week's Tartan playlist (made specially for you by Pillbox Editor Zachary Gelman).

The genius Hannibal Gerald has blessed us with more comics, straight from her published zine! There has been a great response to the previous comics of hers, so don't be a fool. You still have a chance to be among her first fans before she gets huge!

We also have great poetry, Ominous, Onymous, and Anonymous. I pity the brain of anybody that won't be able to appreciate at least one. This glut of poetry fills the Rupi Kaur-shaped hole in our issue and our hearts.

Our great Tartan Editor-in-Chief, who we aren't allowed to say no to, gave us a new article about a one-shot manga published by mandala Tatsuki Fujimoto last week. Regardless of your feelings on manga, the review covers how words and pictures can come together to make a beautiful film on paper.

Pillbox Editor Pria Dahiya (the more hard working and smooth talking editor) took time off of her busy schedule to write an all important article about tragic pop. It makes very interesting points on the nature of music and has a cool disco ball!

And finally, Zivan has come back with one of the greatest articles he has ever written. His first hand account of a visit to a new Harry Potter experience will be sure to stun millennials. Sadly though, the readership of PILLBOX is restricted to CFA hyper-pop Zoomers and octogenarian professors, so they might not be able to share in the nostalgia.

Don't forget to send your love our way, because we really really need it.

Your Pillbox Editors, with love,
Pria Dahiya & Zachary Gelman