jill came tumbling after

jack fell down
and broke his crown
and jill came tumbling after
jill came tumbling, tumbling
jill rolled down the hill like a little kid
at recess
her crown resting firmly on her head

jill feels as if things have stopped happening to her
now she happens to things
and she has pulled all of the books off of the shelves
and she has run the red light
and jill comes tumbling after

jill is one of those mythical mistake-makers
who is sometimes too quiet
but who more often than not
orders the opposite of what she was really hungry for
but none of it matters much to jill
who just goes tumbling back down the hill

what jill really cares about is god
she met him in the basement of a frat house
he was tall and smelled like authority
he told jill to eat her vegetables
and to do her homework
and to have pity on all the pretty, tortured men
who fall down hills
and bring jill tumbling after