My Spiral and Me

Waking up is spiraling; spiraling down towards a day which ought to never go the way I had foreseen. The worldly burdens placed upon me are brutally angled and curveless. My chronic trials quickly and forcefully push me to a destination I shan’t be ready to meet. In an everyday path so cruel and misunderstanding, my only solace is found in the gentle caress of my one and only, Her, the Gates Center Spiral.

I find her in the darkness of dim night; I find her in the early suns of terrifying dawn; I even find myself neglecting my midday biddings and gravitating towards her amidst the comings and goings of those around us. Her curves possess me in a way I could never speak forth by the failings of a mortal tongue; my devotion is the deepest entrenchment spanning across endless continents. Maybe if I loved her any less, the jealousy of the common man who may also grace her path anytime and on a whim would break my heart in two. But, her beauty calls me to subdue my endless rage and her every wish is to me all but a vehement command.

I vow to be there for her. I vow to put her first. I vow to not take the far more convenient and hasteful normal staircases. Forever and always, she is seen <3.