About The Tartan

The Tartan has been Carnegie Mellon University's student-run newspaper since 1906. With a weekly broadsheet paper circulation of 6,000, The Tartan serves the campus community of 9,500 students as well as faculty, staff and administration.

One of Carnegie Mellon's largest student organizations, The Tartan is also a pre-eminent media source on campus. Every week, nearly 150 students come together to provide news and event coverage to the University and its surrounding communities. The broadsheet newspaper is comprised of four primary sections — News, Science & Technology, Forum, and Sports — while the tabloid section, Pillbox, also incorporates Comics.

The Tartan Online creates an easy method for people away from campus to read the paper. While it provides the full weekly content of the newspaper, it also provides several other compelling features. In the coming months, expect to see up-to-the-minute news headlines from around campus and opinionated weblogs from the paper's finest writers, along with several other new features dedicated to making The Tartan Online your first and foremost source of information.

Editorial Board

Jade Crockem
India Price
Forum Editor
Sarah Elizabeth Bender
SciTech Editor
Josh Andah
News Editor
Valene Mezmin
Operations Manager
Yiyuan Chen
Sydney Roslin

Editorial Staff

Photo Editor
Zichen Liu
Pillbox Editor
Sinead Foley
Art Editor
Simin Li
Visual Editor
Aisha Han
Visual Editor
Theodore Teichman
Sports Editor
Ian Tanaya
Pillbox Editor
Apeksha Atal
Comics Editor
Julie Sanscartier
Personnel Manager
Rose Pagano
Layout Manager
Abhishek Tayal
Systems Manager
Korrawat (Gear) Jianthanakanon
Business Manager
Sophia Cheng
Copy Manager
Ruth Scherr
Pauline Ting
Corey Emery