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Class of 2021


  • Largely peaceful Pittsburgh protests see moments of police violence

    For Carnegie Mellon students who are not currently in Pittsburgh, or who have been unable to attend any of the recent Black Lives Matter protests, it may be difficult to understand how the city's protests have played out from afar ー social media clips capture brief moments, and some information dispersed from the the city and local media outlets have been heavily disputed by attendees. The Pittsbu...

    Pillbox | June 4, 2020
  • Student Body President and Vice President candidates: Kendra Adegbesan and Alejandro Garces

    Kendra Adegbesan and Alejandro Garces are running for Student Body President and Vice President. Their campaign proposals fall into five themes, “Equity and Inclusion,” “A Community Connected,” “Interdisciplinary Recognition,” “Student Employment,” and “Sustainability,” as written on the campaign’s website.

    News | April 8, 2020
  • Crime and Incident: Feb 22 – 29

    Criminal Attempt of Theft by Deception
    Feb. 26, 2020
    Officers responded to the Gates and Hillman Centers after a Carnegie Mellon student reported receiving an email scam. The scam consisted of emails which falsely portrayed Carnegie Mellon affiliates and requested payments through gift cards.

    News | March 2, 2020
  • Student body president and vice president, Feder and Zhu, not seeking re-election

    It’s been almost one academic year of tenure for Student Body President Evan Feder, a Statistics and Data Science major who ran for the position in 2019 against two other candidates. Neither Feder nor the current Student Body Vice President Wenyi Zhu, a Business Administration student, plan to run again for positions in Carnegie Mellon’s Student Government.

    News | March 2, 2020
  • As university responds to map controversy, City Councilors seek direct university investment in communities of color

    For over ten years, Carnegie Mellon distributed a map to incoming students that highlighted certain areas of Pittsburgh over others. The since-deleted map, found in university pamphlets and posted on the walls of the Cohon Center, centered on the university and emphasized several neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, but omitted several predominantly-black neighborhoods, including the Hill District, Homewo...

    News | February 24, 2020

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