Sophia Levin

Class of 2025


  • Mudge House flooding displaces 8 residents

    First-year Emily Szabo wasn’t sure what triggered the fire alarm in Mudge House on April 7, but when black water began seeping from the neighboring suite, she knew it couldn’t be anything good. By the end of the day, a third of her carpet would be soaked and — by the following week — all of it stripped. But it was nothing compared to the damage wrought in the adjacent suite, where water was gushin...

    News | April 18, 2022
  • Chartwells cuts employee hours, available vacation days

    Names used to refer to service workers were changed to protect their identities.

    News | April 18, 2022
  • COVID cases overflow Quarantine Housing alongside flu

    “It is imperative that we avoid a situation where our inventory of dedicated [Isolation and Quarantine] housing beds is overwhelmed by demand,” an email from Student Affairs leadership explained to residential students on Wednesday. By then, however, the situation was impossible to avoid: Isolation and Quarantine (IQ) Housing was at 105.17 percent capacity, according to the COVID-19 dashboard.

    News | April 18, 2022
  • Walking for awareness: Pittsburgh students support survivors

    “However we dress, wherever we go,” shouted Carlow University sophomore Caitlin Hoag last weekend. “Consent isn’t optional; no means no,” a group of 100 responded as they marched down Forbes Ave on April 3. It was the launch to a series of events hosted by Pittsburgh universities for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The walk, Pittsburgh Universities Believe Survivors (PUBS), was a collaboration bet...

    News | April 11, 2022
  • White residents force colorful counterparts out of their homes

    Chips of all colors were forcibly removed from their home in the UC vending machine last month, replaced by bougie white residents.

    One former resident, Do Rita, 48, relayed her eviction in an exclusive interview with The Natrat. “How am I, a $2 bag of chips, expected to compete with these NK59s?”

    Special | April 4, 2022

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