John Kerry, Condoleezza Rice to appear on campus

John Kerry will be speaking at Carnegie Mellon on Wednesday. The Massachusetts senator and Democratic nominee for President will bring his campaign to campus to speak to members of CMU and individuals from the Western Pennsylvania area.
The appearance is similar to Vice President Al Gore?s speech on campus four years ago, near the end of that presidential campaign. At that event, then chair of AB Political Speakers Tanya Tarr introduced the Vice President.
According to AB chair Andrew Moore, there are no similar plans for student involvement this time. Moore stated that ?[f]rom our understanding, it?s pretty much a Kerry thing, but they?re going to want some students to help. They?ve contacted us, College Democrats, and student government, but we don?t know what our role is yet.?
Senator John Edwards, Kerry?s running mate, visited campus less than three weeks ago for a town hall meeting. CMU Campus Democrats president Jonathan Mendelson says, ?I think that John Kerry recognizes how critical students are in this election and he has strong programs that will greatly benefit Western Pennsylvania.? The Democratic campaign is not alone in recognizing the importance of both Western Pennsylvania and college students: Vice President Dick Cheney appeared at Allegheny College last week.
The presence of these candidates on campus so close to the election has gotten students government leaders excited about the opportunities students have. According to Student Senate Chair Nicholas Scocozzo, ?This gives CMU another opportunity to show it is not as politically apathetic as outsiders might say. Student government feels that this will go well with our Get Out The Vote campaign.?
However, Scocozzo echoes a concern that a number of conservative students have broached in recent weeks: ?It would be great if we could get someone from the other side of the spectrum here. I am glad that Condoleez za Rice is speaking here this Thursday.?
Condoleezza Rice, President Bush?s National Security Advisor, will be giving a lecture Thursday morning from 10:20 to 11:10 am in Kresge Theater. According to the Division of Student Affairs, the talk ?will articulate her views and insights on the life of ideas and the role of an educated person in public service as well as in society at large.? Attendance at this talk is by invitation only. There will be a live simulcast in the CFA Alumni Concert Hall available to all members of the CMU community.
Kerry?s speech and concert is open. The Kerry campaign is titling the event ?The Pittsburgh Rally.? The gates will open at 3 pm, with a surprise musical guest expected at 4:30. Free tickets for priority seating can be reserved at the campaign website, The campaign requests that students not bring signs or banners.