Letter to the Editor

Over the past few weeks there has been a very large reaction within our campus community to the upcoming Michael Moore lecture. The sheer amount of space that was taken up in last week?s edition of The Tartan, along with the many e-mails that have recently landed in my inbox, are proof of this. Believe it or not, I think this is perfect. The decision of the Activities Board to bring Michael Moore to campus was not due to the supposed slanted political views within my organization, but out of the hope that such an event would excite our campus community before the upcoming elections. As I see it, we have done just that. What better time could there possibly be to bring such a figure to our campus? Mr. Moore will certainly not speak to the political beliefs of every segment of the campus community, but this is by design. The aim of the Activities Board in bringing a controversial speaker to campus is to provide the catalyst that will ignite, and fuel, a constant debate within our community. As I see it, such a debate is blossoming before us, and I feel it will continue to grow until November 2. This type of dialogue is very important at a time such as this. In recent years, the apathy surrounding elections has been astounding. It is my hope that these events, along with many others planned by AB and other student organizations, will help drive Carnegie Mellon students to the polls on Election Day.
The phrase ?fair and balanced? has been one that I have heard many times recently. Many have accused AB of being nothing but a group of radical liberals. I assure you this is not true. The Activities Board always strives to present a balanced set of opinions when choosing programming to bring to our campus, especially within our Lectures and Political Speakers committees. Since the summer, AB has been working to secure speakers from the political right to speak to our campus community, and when we do book such a speaker, I am sure it will incite controversy similar to that which we see currently.
I know that our decisions will not make everyone happy, but we stand by them. AB works very hard to bring programming to campus that our student body will enjoy. You have entrusted us with a good portion of your Student Activities Fee, and it is my hope that we are delivering quality entertainment in return. If you do not feel we are delivering on this promise, I encourage you to join the Activities Board and bring your thoughts to the table ? we are more than willing to listen and act in response. This will help us to make our organization stronger and to better represent the views of the student body.